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Hey there!  Would you like to be a part of something special and fun?  My seniors rave about how incredible their senior portrait experience is, and being a part of this exclusive team takes it to the next level.  Being selected for Team Twenty-Four at Four Acres Photography also means lots of perks and the ability to save hundreds on your senior photos!  Being a spokesmodel means you will represent the studio by sharing your images and spreading the word about your senior portrait experience with your friends and family.  Most importantly, you'll have a lot of fun and be part of a team of great girls.  I am so excited to kick-start next year's Model Team and cannot wait to work with an amazing group of 2024 girls!


  • Interviews begin in January (parent is required to attend with the spokesmodel).

  • Sessions begin in April.

  • Spokesmodels will be provided with rep cards and social media images.

dayton senior rep team in studio with rooftop and unique studio
Senior model team with best senior photographer in downtown Dayton Ohio with exclusive rooftop with
Senior model with best senior photographer thats friendly and kind will talent with studio with Natu
Exclusive senior Spokesmodel team for high school senior photos in Cincinnati Ohio with amazing stud
northmont high school senior rep with amazing seniors photographer in Dayton Ohio with graffiti wall
Cincinnati Senior rep team for high school girls that enjoy giving and have fun doing glam shoots in
dayton senior model team in Dayton for oakwood high school girls that enjoy rooftop photo shoots in
Columbus senior model team for centerville high school girls with rooftop photo shoots in unique pho
senior model for Dayton schools in studio with exclusive rooftop photo shoots with amazing sunsets p
senior rep team with the best Dayton photographer for senior photos with designer photo albums with
in studio senior model team for Miami valley high school girls with exclusive photoshoots on rooftop
Senior rep team for oakwood high school with best photographer in Dayton Ohio with amazing studio wi


Q:  I don't have any modeling experience.  Should I still apply?  
Absolutely!!!  You do not need to know how to model, in fact most (or all) of the girls on the team will be inexperienced.  That's what I'm here for!  I guide and pose you the entire time, so you have nothing to worry about!

Q:  When should I apply to be on Team Twenty-Four?
Interviews begin in January 2023 for Team Twenty Four.  If you're class of 2024, now is the time to apply!

Q:  Do my parents need to be involved?

Yes.  I require a parent at the interview, the photo session, and the ordering session.

Q:  I'd like to apply, what is my next step?

You should first talk to your parent and go over all of this information together.  Then fill out the application linked above and if you're selected for an interview I will contact your parent to set it up.