American Heart Association's Move More Day

Dayton, Ohio Photographer

Many of you already know that the American Heart Association is an organization that I'm very passionate about supporting. My mother in law survived a heart attack five years ago and this wonderful group of people have been so supportive of her and have become a big part of her life and extremely important to her....which in turn, makes it important to ME. The Move More Day was at the Dayton VA and the whole idea behind it is to get people MOVING....because lets face it, those of us with desk jobs sit most of the day, and that's not good for you! If you missed this year's event, be sure to check it out next year, it's a lot of fun! There was music, hula hooping (my favorite), a walk around the campus, free blood pressure readings, free massages (who doesn't want a free massage?!), the cutest pup named Leroy (who was adopted..yay!), and some great stories from heart attack survivors. I was so honored to be asked and happy to donate my time to photograph this event for them.

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