Why Professional Hair and Makeup is Important for your Photo Session | Dayton, Ohio Photographer

I always recommend professional hair and makeup to my clients for their photo sessions. Why? Well first off, if you book a Deluxe Senior Portrait session it's included in the session fee, so of course you should take advantage of that! For all other sessions, it's only an additional $100 and I take care of getting it all set up for you with a professional that I know and trust, it's super easy! Here's why I say go for it!


As fun and exciting as a photo session is, it's totally normal to be a little bit nervous! It's not every day that you get professional photos taken or spend two to three hours in front of the camera. If you're having senior portraits taken, it's one of the most exciting parts of your senior year, but you're most likely still going to get a few butterflies. On top of all the nerves, you will need to think about picking out outfits, shoes, jewelry....and if it's a family photo session you're doing this for multiple people! Allowing a professional to handle your hair and makeup gives you two less things to worry about! Part of my job as your photographer is to take all of the stress off of you - let me (and the other professionals) handle it so you can enjoy your experience.


Professional hair and makeup artists spend years honing their craft. You might be great at applying makeup for everyday life and while your makeup may look amazing in person, it will look completely different on camera. Professional hair and makeup artists are trained to do hair and makeup so that they photograph well. You will still look very natural, but they know exactly how to accentuate your features by highlighting your eyes, contouring your cheeks, and adding the perfect pop of color to your lips to look amazing on camera. Photo sessions can last up to three hours and you need hair and makeup that will hold up from start to finish. They are skilled in preparing clients for photoshoots and use products made to withstand long hours, sweat, humidity, etc. Having someone experienced preparing you for your photo session is priceless!


Having a professional do your hair and makeup for your session will give you a ton of confidence. When you feel amazing, it shines through in your photos. It's not that you aren't capable of doing your own hair and makeup, or that you aren't beautiful without professional hair and makeup, but trust me...it will definitely increase your confidence! And that's important! And after being pampered, you'll show up to your session feeling and looking amazing.

If professional hair and makeup is not in your budget, that's OK! Here are a few tips if you're going to do your own makeup for your photo session. You'll want to apply your makeup a little heavier than normal and avoid makeup that contains SPF, as that will cause shine on your face. Fake lashes make all the difference, trust me on this one! Also go for a lipstick that is slightly darker than your lip color. I recommend practicing a few times before your photo session day and leave plenty of time on the day of your session to get yourself ready!